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Lithuania Immigration Information Work Permit

EU and UK Nationals

When Lithuania joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, transitional arrangements were made allowing for mutual limitations on the freedom of movement of individuals between Lithuania and other parts of the EU. However, agreements have been made with Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands and the UK not to impose such restrictions, meaning that citizens of those countries now have an automatic right to reside in Lithuania and do not require work permits. Subsequent arrangements are expected with other EU member countries but you are advised to check.

Non EU and UK Nationals

If you are from a non-EU country, please check with your embassy about regulations for working in this country. A foreign resident who wishes to work in Lithuania must see to both a work permit and a residential permit.

People who are required to obtain a permit for temporary residence in Lithuania can be categorised as the following:

• a foreign resident who intends to remain in Lithuania for more than three months in any six month period;

• foreign investors who register a company in Lithuania on condition that the registered capital of the company is at least LT 250,000.

A temporary residential permit is issued also to the following individuals:

• a foreign resident whose wife or children are Lithuanian residents who live in Lithuania;
• a foreign resident who comes to Lithuania for purposes of research, or to give instruction at an institute of higher learning;
• a foreign resident who is studying in Lithuania;
• a foreign resident who is entitled to a permit for humanitarian reasons.

Note: A temporary residential permit is valid only for one year. The permit may be renewed 5 times before applying for a permit as a permanent resident.




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