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Shopping in Lithuania


You can’t visit Lithuania and not bring back some gintaras, or amber. This fossilised tree sap has adorned thrones of kings and tombs of pharaohs for thousands of years. You can find amber with insects inside, though this type of amber is relatively rare and more expensive if you do find it. Amber jewellery, from bracelets to watches, are among the most popular souvenirs from Lithuania.

Also wildly popular are Lithuanian wood-carvings. Wood craftsmanship in Lithuania is spectacular. There are assorted favourites, ranging from living figures to Lithuanian-style crosses. Linen items are an excellent buy too.

A great place to do some comparative shopping is on Pilies street, where artisans, pensioners and others hock their finest works: including woodwork, paintings of Vilnius and Lithuania, hand-crafted knick-knacks and, of course, things made with amber that would stretch the imagination. There are some true bargains here, and some poking around and patience can lead to some real gems.

You can also bring home some alcoholic beverages. A few bottles of Utenos or Kalnapilis beer would make things interesting at home, as would a bottle of Kvietino vodka. It’s also hard to beat a good bottle of krupnikas, or honey liqueur. Other liqueurs, like Palanga, Dainava, or Sokoladinis, are also popular and make a nice after-dinner drink.


Vilnius is one of the most stylish cities of Europe. Upscale retailers include Hugo Boss, Armani, Escada, Dolce & Gabbana, John Richmond, ZARA, United Colors of Benetton, and Mango. There are also some young local designer butiques in Stikliu street. Pilles gatve is where you can find touristy souvenirs.

The main shopping areas in Vilnius can be divided neatly into the two areas of Old Town (antiques, amber, books old and new and some nice pieces of art) and parts of the city’s classiest street, Gedimino (designer clothes, mobile phones and more books).

Vilnius recently became a shopper's paradise when plenty of massive shopping centres were opened all over the city. Akropolis (a chain of shopping malls in Lithuania) is one of them and definitely worth visiting, as it houses an ice skating rink, bowling lanes and a cinema.

Shopping centre Helios City (Savanoriu Avenue) offers to have dinner, to take a cup of coffee and to go shopping under the one roof. On the first and the second floors of the Helios City restaurants, cafés, small shops, beauty salon, dry cleaning and other service companies are located. The centre of the city or the Old Town and the new leisure and service centre are separated by less than 1.5 km. It is convenient to access the Helios City from any place of the city – either by public or proper transport.

Gariunai is the Baltic's largest open air market, located on the western edge of Vilnius. Thousands of merchants can be found there on a good weekend, from not only Lithuania, but also from as far away as Ukraine. Clothes, shoes, and even music and software can be bought there. Counterfeit goods are ubiquitous. A low price is guaranteed, quality is not.


Kaunas is also a city of shopping centres, and the centre of the city, Laisvės Avenue is a pedestrian thoroughfare. The main shopping centres in Kaunas are Akropolis, Mega, Molas, Savas, HyperMaxima and Urmas shopping area. There is even that symbol of "mall culture", which is new to Lithuania, Akropolis.


Klaipeda is a major shopping center for people from Latvia and Kaliningrad. The main shopping centres are: Akropolis, Arena, Studlendas and BIG. Many people coming to the city on cruise ships shop in Klaipeda, due to the good value and price combination.




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